Kareena Kapoor’s bikini and Jahangir Ali Khan’s board shorts are styling the Maldives

We love how Kareena Kapoor and Jahangir Ali Khan are making the beach paradise more stylish.

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After the horrific incident of wandering that dragged on for weeks and months, Kareena Kapoor was on a very worthy vacation. The family of 4 went to the Maldives, the favorite hotspot of celebrities, to celebrate the 51st birthday, Saif Ali Khan. But there was another occasion to celebrate at Sunny Beach Paradise and Kareena did it via Instagram post.

In her latest photo, Kareena is seen in a black bikini top with a bright pink high waist down and a top bun. She is holding baby Jahn, ready for the beach in a beautiful pair of blue board shorts. Jahangir turned 6 months old and his mother captioned the picture, “Love, happiness and courage always to you. I wish you 6 months of my life.” We love that this mom-son duo makes beach paradise more stylish every day.

In another postcard from the Maldives, Kareena wished Saif a happy birthday last week. When she couldn’t resist her favorite kaftan, Saif and younger Taimur Ali Khan wore matching kurtas and pajamas. Jahangir is seen in a blue sari.

While the couple has kept Jahangir’s photos primarily private, we get a glimpse of him here and there. This black and white picture of Taimur nursing his younger brother on Mother’s Day won everyone’s heart.

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