How to make Watermelon Rind Preserve at Home?

You will see the step-by-step instructions and the health benefits of having a Watermelon Rind.

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Want to learn this fantastic and unique watermelon rind preserve recipe? In this article, you will see the step-by-step instructions and the health benefits of having them. 

Watermelon rind is the firm white part of the watermelon left after the pink, red flesh has been eaten or scooped out. Most of us tend to toss out that part, but it’s very nutritious and tasty when you cook it. It has a crisp texture closely related to the cucumber and is pretty versatile in cooking. 

My kid and family loved to have this fantastic recipe besides biscuits, crackers, or toasted bread. The sweetness and the flavour bombs of it will make you fall in love with the recipe!

Watermelon Rind Health Benefits

Watermelon Rind Health Benefits

Watermelon rind is a refreshing, sweet, and low-calorie summer fruit. It can provide a good amount of hydration with necessary nutrients, including minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins. There are five types of watermelon: seeded, seedless, yellow, orange, and mini. 

Watermelon rind has a good amount of vitamin C, vitamin A, and many other healthy plant compounds. Watermelon is 90% water, and it is a great option to stay hydrated in summer; also, the watermelon rind has its health-benefiting capabilities.

Here are some of the must-know watermelon rind health benefits:

Reduced Blood Pressure

High levels of potassium from rind can act as a vasodilator to help in reducing stress and strain on blood vessels, which leads to reduced blood pressure because of the watermelon rind.

Better Immune System

As rind has a good amount of vitamins, it naturally helps to boost the immune system. Research shows that it can also increase the production rate of white blood cells in our bodies.

Weight Loss

Watermelon rind is low-calorie, and it can make you feel full pretty quickly. In that way, it can lead to healthy weight loss.

Improved Skin

Watermelon rind is pack with many antioxidants, and it can enlighten your skin to make you look younger.

Longer Libido

Watermelon rind is known to improve physical performance thanks to its effects on blood vessel constriction. The constriction of blood vessels results in better blood flow to your genitalia, thus improving your overall physical performance.

Decreases Chronic Diseases 

Watermelon rind has lycopene and citrulline, and they are known to neutralize free radicals. So, without free radicals, you will have no chronic diseases.

What Are The Nutritional Benefits of Orange? 

Orange is one of the most popular fruits that is eaten by almost all over the world. Sweet oranges can eat as a snack and a primary ingredient used to make different dishes. 

Orange is a healthy source of vitamin C, fibre, folate, thiamine, and antioxidants. It is a fruit that is low in calories and highly nutritious citrus fruit that you can have in your healthy diet. The minerals and vitamins offer a range of health benefits, and here are some, 

  • Oranges are mainly a good source of vitamin C, which is good for maintaining the healthy immune system of our body. It can prevent colds, nausea, headache, and ear infections. 
  • Oranges can reduce cancer risk by preventing cell damage and free radicals that cause damage to our DNA.  
  • It is rich in vitamin B6 that helps our body to produce haemoglobin which is helpful to keep the blood pressure level under control. 
  • Antioxidants in oranges can protect your skin from free radical damage, which can prevent the sign of ageing. 
  • According to research, it has the potential to lower bad cholesterol.
  • It has fibre that can keep the blood sugar level under control and prevent diabetics. 
  • It has calcium to keep your bones, organs, and muscles in a healthy, strong structure. 

How Long Does it Take to Cook the Jam?

  • The essential thing while cooking the jam is that you need the perfect time to stop the process. If the jam is cooked shortly, the syrup will not form the jam properly and become runny. 
  • If you overcook the jam, the syrup will taste like caramel and become too hard to eat. 
  • However, to make it perfect, you must follow the cooking steps below. Make sure the syrup is thick and vicious that it will feel like clear runny honey when it is ready.  

How Long Can You Store Watermelon Rind in the Freezer?

How Long Can You Store Watermelon Rind in the Freezer?

Make sure you freeze them separately from the flesh as it may ruin the texture or flavour of the watermelon rind. You can store the watermelon preserve rind in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. 

To freeze the watermelon rinds, put them in a freezer bag, squeeze out all the air from the bag, and seal it tightly. After that, place the bag in the freezer, and it will last for at least a year. 


  1. Two cups watermelon rind, cut into pieces 1/4 inch pieces
  2. Two oranges washed cut into slices
  3. One cups water
  4. Two cups organic brown sugar
  5. One teaspoon grated ginger


  1. Wash the watermelon, dry it and peel off the green skin and discard. Slice the white part of the rind into 1/4 inch cubes.
  2. Wash oranges, cut them into slices, and then cut each slice into smaller pieces.
  3. Combine watermelon, orange slices, brown sugar, water, and ginger in a medium pot over medium-high heat. Bring to a boil, reduce heat to simmer for 1 hour and 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  4. Mash some of the watermelon and orange rinds. To check if the jam has been set, remove a spoonful and see how it drips off the spoon; if it is runny and thin, then it needs more time to cook. If it is thick and dense, then it is ready. 

Additional Notes 

  • After cooking the watermelon rind preserves, you can keep the jam in the sterilized jars and seal well. If the pot is air-tight and packed properly, then the jam will last a long time. 
  • You can keep the jam jar in the refrigerator to keep it fresh. 

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